Remote sensing data customization intention application

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Technological superiority

Timely data

  • Data real-time updating online
  • Remote sensing data and analysis report generate automatically
  • Only one hour from satellite signal to visual agricultural conditions

Algorithmic intelligence

  • “Air-space-ground” integrated data fusion system
  • Experts Team in remote sensing, statistics, agriculture and meteorology
  • Embedded AI algorithms
  • Different kinds image data in different countries

Accurate results

  • Record in the whole range based on electronic map
  • Spatial data is rich in attributes
  • The statistical results are accurate in a field of precision agriculture industry

Convenient and safe

  • know remote multi-dimensional surface information in home
  • Fast access large-scale ground object changeable data in low cost
  • Data synchronization in mobile phones, pc and tablet devices
  • Safety and efficiency in authority management and distributed storage


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